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Panties i want to buy your undies I Searching Adult Dating

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Panties i want to buy your undies

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Let me relax you Come on and let me show you how a beautiful black female pleases Daddy. Won't respond to any spam,gays prostitutes or obese out of shape ladys period ;;height weight and age would be great on subject line what do you expect from me might Panties i want to buy your undies an addition most women think Im a fine looking masculine specimen of the species YOU BE THE JUDGE. You come to me available now Please be well educated, kind, well endowed and somewhat dominant sexually.

Name: Virginia
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Did you know that there is an inexhaustible resource that is manufactured naturally right in your Pantjesat no cost to you, for which men would be willing to pay you tons and tons of cold hard money-dollars today?

It's true! And you are literally flushing money down the drain every time you wash your panties and put them back in your drawer instead of mailing them to some dude in Scotland so he can smellsturbate to your skidmarks.

Sometimes I wonder why more women don't sell their underpants on the internet or, if you're in Japan, in vending machines. It seems like such a low-risk, high-reward way to monetize your, um, natural gifts. But I guess the answer is in the question.

Selling your underpants on the internet eant taking off your underpants, putting them in a plastic bag, and then mailing them to a stranger who contacted you via the internet.

Based on the intensity of the lemon-face I'm making just typing that sentence, that's a degree of personal revelation I can't quite get down with.

No shade on those who do, though! Get yours, crotch-havers!

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If your clientele just wanted panties, full stop, they could pop over to Target right now and not even have to pay for shipping. It's the person, not the panties, that makes the sale.

I guess it's kind of like a restaurant sourcing their ingredients on the menu. And if you, as a potential panty-seller, don't want to put in the "video of me pooping" level of commitment, this might not be the industry for you.

No such thing as a free lunch, etc. If you are ready to commit, though, here's a whole lot of information ii professional erotic sharting.

More, via the Daily Dot:. You might be wondering: If you're male, and that figure sounds enticing to you, Mia says ubdies the market isn't just limited to ladies: It's never going to be my personal business plan I am also not a 4'8" redhead with a teeny waistbut there's something charming about it.

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Mia also mentions that, while she isn't personally aroused by selling panties, she's developed some sweet, symbiotic relationships with some of her clients:. In a weird way, I don't really see this as sexual obviously it is but I "get off" on knowing that I provide a service for polite and proper men who just have the odd little kicks! They Panties i want to buy your undies a need, she's willing to serve that need, nobody's being exploited, a few guys feel less wanh in the Pabties, a woman makes money while being in charge of her sexuality, everybody wins.

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