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Curious question for women bestiality

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Just curious if anyone knows of animals, other than humans having sex, with other animal species?

The same question could be asked about cruelty? But, no I don't. I suspect, other animals have sex as part of their life cycle and the proper partner plays a role in that.

Humans have evolved it into an industry of recreational sex, where anything goes. So my guess is that it is unique to some humans.

Dolphins and chimps have sex for fun and I am sure many other species do Curious question for women bestiality. Dolphins also rape and murder each other on occasion. There are cases where animals adopt other animals or work with them in nature so I would have suspected that sex somewhere else other than in humans has crossed the line of bestiality.

Animals can be very human Wiki answers again! Thanks mbturtle. If anyone has any other info on this topic I'd be interested to hear it.

Not something Fkr am researching just a passing curiosity I had today. Having thought further on this, it does occur to me that dogs often hump a persons leg. And the mule is the offspring of a horse and a donkey, I think.

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Its worth watching for his tantrum alone. I was raising the question why we have such a taboo on this.

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An example is a woman has oral sex performed by her dog. I don't see why we have a taboo. It's just weird!

I've had sex therapists come to me and say they have had patients who were tortured with guilt because they got some sexual satisfaction Curious question for women bestiality contact with their animals, and their lives were qufstion.

Nor did he or the others respond when I pointed out that the Labor government had awarded Singer a Companion to the Order of Australia as recently as last June.

Surely not for services to animal husbandry? On that occasion, according to Croome, Abbott went on to declare: People should not be looked down upon, thought less of, or treated differently because they happen to be gay. Gay people are just as capable bestialkty Curious question for women bestiality else of loyalty, selflessness and the capacity to take the rough with the smooth, the qualities that the establishment of lasting relationships require.

Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense. X No thanks, continue reading article.

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