Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Alternative Methods

Hypnosis has shown to be the most successful stop smoking alternative methods in many studies, one in particular is from the “New Scientists Journal” a reputable Journal that credits Hypnosis as “the most effective way of giving up smoking. (New Scientists ,1992, issue 1845) References: Schiffman’s Study.

Because habits and addictions are hugely psychological by nature then this makes the case for using hypnosis to deal with the part of the mind responsible for keeping the habit going even a person wants to stop smoking desperately. Using Hypnosis to stop smoking has a vast advantage over many other cessation methods because it deals with the psychological reasons why people smoke, where as a lot of other methods only deal with the physical such as Patches and Gum.


Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

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