A part of your mind is responsible for your smoking habit



There is only one part of your mind responsible for creating your smoking habit and most times you are not even aware of its power over you.  The part is called your “subconscious mind”. This part of your mind is also responsible for your hearts continuous beating and your lungs continuous breathing. You do not even have to remember to breath because a part of your mind does it all automatically for you.  This part the “subconscious” is also responsible for creating any habits you might have such as biting your nails, drinking tea or coffee in the morning and even responsible for whichever side of the bed you are in the habit of sleeping on.  These are all automatic habits that you do not even think about, you just do them. Smoking is one of those automatic habits you have. Have you ever lit up and forgotten you had even put the match or lighter to the cigarette?. That is because smoking has been made an automatic habit just like the habit of sleeping on one side of the bed instead of the other.

Now in order to get rid of the smoking habit you have to go to the part of the mind that created the habit in the first place, the “subconscious”. You might have realised already that consciously you are not in control of your smoking because if you were you would easily stop doing something that could make you seriously ill or even kill you but you don’t.  When a person is relaxed through HYPNOSIS we get a chance to change the habit of smoking to a much better and far safer habit. In other words we give the part of your mind responsible for your smoking another new habit to concentrate on and we can eliminate the old smoking habit.

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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

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