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Helping you to quit smoking

Our main aim first and foremost is to make quitting as easy, simple and natural as possible. We achieve this by working with the client to take back the control and sense of freedom that most if not all smokers loose when they find themselves being controlled by smoking. Smoking is a dangerous pastime and a downright lethal one at that, it causes numerous health problems of the body but also of the mind. Many smokers believe that cigarettes relieve stess but in actual fact they can increase stress, Just think for a moment about being in a situation where you absolutely cannot smoke but you want a cigarette badly… Think for a moment of the stress that creates in your mind. Wanting to have one but knowing there is no way that you can have it. Many smokers speak of feeling a panic and strong cravings in such a situation. The moment they get a chance they will want to satisfy that craving, because with cravings comes stress, with stress comes panic and so on and so on. Cigarettes produce more stress than they take away from you. Stress about your health, stress about your Family and the impact smoking has on them. Smokers also stress when it comes to thinking about all the money wasted and being spent on a toxic, poisonous and potentially lethal product.

Stopping Smoking Hypnotherapy Services

Stopping Smoking To enable our clients stopping smoking confidently and permanently we offer the following:

  1.  A free inital consultation of approximately 30 mins during which you can ask questions you believe relevant to your becoming a non smoker.(how it works, how long it takes, what Hypnosis is etc.)
  2. Hypnotherapy session completely personalised and tailored to you and you alone. We believe that all smokers are not the same and therefore should not be treated the same.
  3. Free relaxation CD  to use at home which has special elements in it to reinforce the work done in the actual stop smoking session. It is a bit like a mini version of the actual session.
  4. Free report on the top ten methods of stopping smoking.


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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

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